By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018

Sunday night was well below 40 degrees but that didn’t stop Sterling College students and faculty from braving the cold.

The 2nd annual Share the Light celebration was held at 6 p.m. on the front lawn of Cooper Hall. Lights, fire pits, and photo booth setups decorated the lawn. Along with the huge Christmas tree that was front and center.

For junior Sam Turner, her favorite part of the night was “the choir praising Jesus,” she said.

“Christmas means spending quality time with friends and family and just really knowing what you’re appreciative for,” said Turner.

“I really like the hot chocolate and the fellowship,” said Resident Director Emilie Heinl. “I love the part in the beginning, where everyone’s walking around. Going by the fire and talking, and I think it builds good community while we talk about Jesus.”

“For me, Christmas is just a celebration of Jesus’ birth. I think Christmas is a good representation of the celebration part of Jesus’ birth and His life and His story,” said Heinl.

For Kaitlyn “Red” Tawater, she was also amazed at the gathering. “I think genuinely seeing the campus cons together,” said Tawater, “for such a simple act, but yet, we made it all seem so unique with all the different aspects of the adorable hot cocoa bar, the gorgeous tree, and then our choir singing just truly felt different than any other tree lighting ceremony I’d been to.”

She continued by saying, “You really felt the community come together and the joy that Christmas should always bring.”

As the night came to a close, students stayed behind afterwards to continue to socialize. Even through the freezing cold, the Christmas season never cease to bring people together.

Merry Christmas everyone!

REPORTER, Hannah Abbate

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018


The soccer seasons for both the men’s and women’s team here at Sterling College have officially wrapped up. Both teams started their seasons in late August, ending at the end of October.

Men’s soccer finished with a record of 4-11-2 over the course of the season. They had four wins, 11 losses, and two games that ended in a tie.

They started their season off with a tie after double overtime to Doane University. From there the Warriors collected one loss at home and two more on the road against Nebraska Wesleyan University and Bellevue University.

After their game against Randall University was cancelled, the Warriors had a huge win over Manhattan Christian College. They won the game against the Thunder 10-0. The Warriors scored four goals in the first half and another six in the second.

Men’s soccer then lost their next game on the road against Ottawa University. But rallied back to take the win over both University of St. Mary and Tabor College. Both of these wins were shutouts against their opponents.

After losing to Oklahoma Wesleyan University and a win against Bethel College, the Warriors lost the next five games in their season. One of these was a nail-biter against Availa University. This game went into overtime tied 1-1. Unfortunately, the Warriors were unable to come out on top, losing 2-1.

Their next match against Southwestern College went into double overtime as the Warriors fought to end the 0-0 tie. The Warriors tried to steal the victory in the final seconds but time was not on their side. Neither team was able to score, ending the game in a 0-0 draw.

The men’s soccer team played their last game of the season at home against Kansas Wesleyan University. They fell behind in the first half 3-0. Despite working hard to score twice in the second half it wasn’t enough to put them ahead of the Coyotes. They lost the game 4-2.

Women’s soccer finished similarly to the men’s team. Their overall record for the season was 5-11-1. They had five wins, 11 losses, and one game ending in a tie.

The women’s team started their season off strong with a 3-2 win over Doane University at home.

The Lady Warriors then went on to win three of their next four played games. Their game against Randall University was cancelled.

The Warriors had a tough streak losing the next four games to opponents like Oklahoma Wesleyan University (7-0) and Ottawa University (3-0).

The women’s team rallied back to take a 3-2 victory over Bethel College. This made their record 5-5 overall.

The last weeks of the Warriors’ season came with six loses and one tie. Against Availa University, the Warriors finished the game in a 1-1 tie. And lost by only one goal to McPherson College in the previous game.

Both the men’s and women’s team will head into their offseason after their 2018 season.

REPORTER, Hannah Abbate

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018

The holidays are almost here! Thanksgiving break for students and staff at Sterling College starts next week. And the Caf is already getting student in the mood.

“It is not thanksgiving without mashed potatoes and green been casserole,” said Rachel Turner.

Wednesday was a treat for everyone as they served a Thanksgiving feast during lunch time. Whether you like ham or turkey, this is the season to be thankful with full bellies.

Turner preferers turkey over ham with her Thanksgiving dinner. “We’ve always made turkey, and I didn’t know ham was a thing until I got to college.”

“I like thanksgiving because it is the one time out of the year where all of my immediate family is under one roof and it really feels like home again,” Rosa James said.

“My favorite tradition is when I get to pray every year around the table,” James continued. “I’ve always done it since I was little so it makes me feel like when I was a kid just a little bit closer to God.”

“It’s my favorite holiday,” Turner said. “We are going to celebrate it without celebrating Christmas first.”

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” Turner said, “because every Thanksgiving me and my dad, I would always make him wake me up for the parade that started at like 7a.m. We would then make brunch for everyone.”

“We would make cinnamon rolls or biscuits and eggs,” said Turner. “And then me and my mom would spend the rest of the day making dinner why ABC Family/Freeform showed Gone with the Wind all day on loop and we watch that while we make food all day. After diner we would go out and make s’mores instead of eating pie.”

“The day after Thanksgiving,” Turner continued, “if we’re home, me and [my sister] Sam always set up the Christmas tree and set up all the decorations for Christmas time.”

“I’m not a black Friday person,” Turner said. “I think, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I feel like going black Friday shopping is a waste because you should be spending Thanksgiving other ways.”

Dorm halls will close for Thanksgiving break Tuesday at 5 p.m. and reopen Sunday morning. The Caf will also be closed started Tuesday after lunch and reopen Sunday night for dinner.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018

Saturday afternoon the Warriors drove to North Newton, Kan. for their final game of the season. Their opponent was Bethel College.


The Thrashers were (2-7) going into Saturday’s game, while the Warriors were (4-5).

The loss to Bethel was hard,” said Nathan Jackson, a freshman tight end. “Being the last game of the season, we wanted to go out on a win but we came up short.”

The Warriors scored first at the start of the game. The first quarter was otherwise scoreless as Sterling led 7-0.

The second quarter was the highest scoring quarter of the game. The two teams battled. Sterling put up 20 points while Bethel gained 14.

Going into halftime the Warriors led 27-14.


During the third quarter, the Thrashers held the Warriors scoreless. They score a touchdown of their own and turned a two-point conversion after the touchdown to make it 27-22 Sterling.

In the fourth quarter the Thrashers stayed strong and consistent, scoring another 14 points. The Warriors battled back by scoring 7 points of their own, but it wouldn’t be enough to put them over Bethel. The Thrashers won 36-34.

“I think the offense as a whole did really well; we scored 34 points,” Jackson said. “The defense this year is pretty young and they are still learning and growing as athletes. I think the whole team can improve with the mental part of the game, which is doing the right assignment at the right time.”

With a final record of (4-6) for the Warriors, their season comes to an end.

“We have a lot to learn from this season, said Jackson. “I think that this offseason will go really well for us and we will come back next season ready to fight.”



By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018

Beginning Monday, November 26th, a weekly Bible study on campus will be open to all women interested in attending.

Bible studies are often used to bring together a group of individuals who may otherwise not gather on their own. They serve to spread the word of God and give advice. Bible studies also help to reach those who might not attend church normally.

The idea for the event comes from Katie O’Brien. As an alumni, O’Brien currently works in the admissions office.

O’Brien grew up in Upland, California, where she developed a love for theatre and music. She headed to Sterling in 2014 to major in Theatre and Communication. After graduating in the spring of 2018 and has returned to campus as the Arts Admissions Counselor.

The Bible study will be open to all women. “It’s about creating long lasting relationships and friendships with women based on our relationship with God,” said O’Brien.

“Originally the idea was just for art students,” O’Brien said. “Performing Arts majors have really weird schedules and its hard for them to go to normal Bible studies.”

O’Brien plans for the Bible study to be a weekly event starting on the 26th of November. It will last seven weeks and meeting will be held at 10p.m.

By Hannah Abbate, reporter
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018

Deb Wiebe is the assistant to the Athletic Director at Sterling College. This is her 23rd year in the position. She started in August of 1995.

Before coming to her current position at Sterling College Wiebe worked for a manufacturing company and Sterling’s telephone office.

“I had heard that the lady who was in my position was leaving and I just kind of thought, that sounds like it would be interesting and fun to do,” Wiebe said. “So I called Coach Kruse, who was the Athletic Director at that time, and set up a meeting. And all the rest in history.”

“One of the things that I do for Athletic Training is, I do all of the athletic insurance,” Wiebe said. “So if a student athlete were to get hurt then I’m one of the ones that go through and explain the procedures of what the athlete needs to do. And I contact the facilities that they are going to, if they need surgery and so forth, and I talk through that with them.

Wiebe is also in charge of all concessions stands on campus as well as day-to-day stuff. Not only in the athletic department but things on campus too.

As with any chaotic situation, you deal with it the best you can. Wiebe said, “One of the most crucial things was when the Gleason center caught on fire.” This was about three years ago during a basketball game. “You could just see a haze. And people were looking around and wondering what this haze was,” she said. They ended up having to cancel the game and worked to get people out of the building. “that was probably one of the most stressful days,” Wiebe continued.

There was a lot of smoke damage to the back wall of the building. “We had some downspouts that were frozen,” Wiebe said, “so maintenance took a torch and was trying to melt the ice earlier in the day and it caught some insulation on fire.”

Repairs were done as quickly as possible and lasted a good month. “We had to hire people to come in and clean the whole gym and repaint,” she said.

“A fun thing that I’ve gotten to do, is I travel a lot with the women’s basketball team,” said Wiebe. “So I’ve gotten to go to Vegas with them, and I’ve gotten to go to Florida with them several times. That is a fun thing that I get to do.”

Wiebe also has the opportunity to interact with students daily. “Getting to know the student athletes and working with a great coaching staff truly makes for the best job,” she said. It is her favorite part of the job. And there are students in and out of her office daily. Some come in just to hang out and talk. The doors to her office in Gleason are always open. “I consider our department a family. We’re pretty close,” said Wiebe.

Sterling college is partnering with Jostens to sell college rings. And now is a great time to buy.

Students used to have to come into the bookstore and fill out an order form to order their college rings. Now the ordering process has completely moved online.

“There’s not really a set year you get them but I would suggest that a student wait until they’re absolutely sure they’re going to graduate from Sterling College before they get a ring,” Debbie Staton said, manager at the SC Bookstore.

“You wear it to show off your alma-mater,” Staton continued.

Rings have been available to order here at Sterling for as long as anyone can remember.

To order rings, “go to There’s a longer cite that takes them straight to the sterling College page,” said Staton, or students can go the long way and select state and school from the website.

The rings are completely customizable. “Especially the bigger rings that have more stuff on them, and more choices,” Staton said. “They can of course drop in their B.A. or B.S. and their graduation year,” she continued.

Symbols for different majors are also available to choose from. “Smaller rings won’t give all of those choices but the bigger ones will,” said Staton. Upgrades like choosing a real gold ring can easily drive up the total cost.

There are two promotions for rings a year, one now in October and another in March. Ordering by November 1st would guarantee your ring by Christmas. Ordering in March would guarantee it by graduation. “They say about six weeks processing time,” Staton said.

“I have a [ring] sizer here for people who aren’t sure about their size,” said Staton. The Bookstore is open from 10a.m. to 5p.m. every weekday except for Wednesday when they open at 11a.m.


By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018

At 8 p.m. Friday the Student Government Association hosted a bonfire event open to the students of Sterling College. There was a mix up about where the event would be held, but it ended up behind Douglas Y.

The fire was set up and a nearby table held all the ingredients needed for s’mores and marshmallow roasters. Along with other snacks, there was plenty to eat as many students gathered around to socialize.

The event was overseen by Emma Birky, SGA’s campus activities director.

“I am in charge of all of the clubs on campus, and we have about 12,” Birky said.

The bonfire event has been something talked about in past years.

“This might be one of the first years where it’s actually been pretty successful. Especially having Capture the Flag after the bonfire, I think we get a lot more people to come,” Birky said.

The game of Capture the Flag involved students running around with different glow stick bracelets to show which team they were on. So many men from Kilbourn Hall showed up to play that the teams were divided into Kilbourn against everyone else.

Friday night’s activities lasted well into the night as students enjoyed themselves by the fire and out on the field for the game.

The next SGA event is the Homecoming Hangout. It will be located in the grass strip in front of Evans Hall starting at 11 a.m. There will be inflatables, face painting, pumpkin painting, and lots of other activities for students and the Sterling community.

By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Homecoming, centering on one of the biggest football games of the year for Sterling College, takes considerable planning. The events brings the whole community together for a morning parade, followed by an afternoon of football where the Warriors will face off against Ottawa University.

Because of the scope of homecoming, planning starts almost a month and a half in advanced.

“The T-shirts are kind of a big deal. You’ve got to get the designs out, choose the designs, and then ordering everything and making sure we have the funds for it is a major part of the preplanning,” Student Government Association President Drake Koops said.

Along with student designed and voted on T-shirts, SGA works with the registrar’s office to organize the lists for the royalty ballot.

“We talked with the registrar’s office. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is one requirement,” Koops said. “Transfers and freshmen generally don’t get put in there just because they don’t have the hours.”

Koops said he has already been approached by many people about the specifics of voting or about appearing in the wrong class list. These kinds of mix-ups are due to the lists that SGA receives from the registrar’s office, Koops said.

Voting closed Friday at midnight.

“The next homecoming kind and queen ballot will come out Monday, and that’ll be another two day period for people to get all their voting in,” Koops said.

Once voting is complete, SGA will contact the top voted individuals and make the final arrangements of sashes, flowers, past winners to crown this years winners, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

The homecoming football game will start at 1:30 p.m., and crowning festivities will be held during halftime on the field.