Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018

The 2018 Volleyball season has concluded with Sterling ranked fifth in the KCAC (Kansas Collegiate Athletics Conference). The team won its championship game against York, but was unable to defeat the University of Saint Mary in the tournament quarterfinals. They finished the season with seventeen wins and fifteen losses overall.

With the season over, the volleyball seniors took a moment to reflect on their season. Kristen Calderwood, a senior majoring in biology and a defensive specialist for the volleyball team enjoyed her final season at Sterling.

“I think this season was the best one we’ve had while I’ve been at Sterling,” Calderwood said, “We had a couple tough games, but we ended up in the top half of the conference. It was definitely a season to remember.”

Calderwood said that the team has genuinely impacted her throughout her years at Sterling.

“They [Calderwood’s teammates] have challenged me to be more outgoing, taught me how to maturely handle conflict, demonstrated incredible work ethic, and shown me love and grace in action. I am a much better person because of them,” she said.

Alexandra Reid is a senior Exercise Science major and a defensive specialist for Sterling College Volleyball. She is the all-time career leader in digs at Sterling College with 1,749 career digs. She is ranked fifteenth in NAIA Division 1 for total digs with 700 digs in the 2018 season. Reid said that the 2018 season had been challenging but strong.

“We had a rough start, but we got better as the season went on. We always fought hard even when things didn’t go our way, and [we] finished fifth in conference,” Reid said, “Out of my four years, this was my favorite team because we all got along, which made our team have great chemistry.”

Caitlyn Wood is a senior Athletic Training Major and four-time team manager for Sterling Volleyball. Wood was impressed with how the team challenged each other to grow this year, noting that some women have improved immensely over the past year.

“She [Breanne Akiu] is only a sophomore but she has grown so much both as a player and a woman. Her skill level and confidence on the court has improved so much. She is good on the court both mentally and physically. I cannot wait to see the player she turns into,” Wood said.

Wood reflects on the year with hope for the promising talent she witnessed this season.

“We had a lot of new great talent that will be good in future seasons once it is pushed to grow. I hope to see people grow and pushed outside their boundaries,” she said, “I have faith in the coaching staff and the team.”


Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018

On Monday night, the Potato Club hosted a Thanksgiving Feast for the students of Sterling College in Heritage Hall. The event began at 7 P.M. and ran for over an hour.

The club served a traditional meal of mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, stuffing and macaroni, alongside pie and sparkling cider. The event also included time to fill out numerous “thank you” cards for Sterling faculty members.


Students gathered in the hall at seven, and quickly filled the room. Ashley Dodge, an SC senior and the club publicist was surprised by the large turnout.

“It went better than we expected,” Dodge said, “We were really excited when a lot of people came, and it was good to see their excitement within their fellowship together.”

The students sat with their food and enjoyed each other’s company as the event came to an end. The event concluded with a large selection of “thank you” cards for students to show their appreciation of the entire Sterling College staff.

Brett Couture, a Resident Director at Sterling enjoyed his time at the event, and he was glad to see the student’s appreciation and spirit.

“I enjoyed seeing everyone and signing the cards for all of the awesome people who work on this campus,” Couture said.

Shelby Stowe, Potato Club Treasurer and Sterling College Senior expressed that having “thank you” cards was a great choice for the atmosphere of the college.

“The cards are an element we chose to encourage students to think about others during this time of thanksgiving,” Stowe said.


Sterling Senior and Potato Club President Chloe Heard shared her appreciation for those who made the event possible.

“Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. I would like to thank Caitlin and Anthony Glaze for letting us use their space to make all of this food,” Heard said.

Heard also discussed the preliminary plans for their upcoming Spring semester event.

“Bring out your fancy dresses,” Heard said, “Our next event in the works is the ‘Potato Prom’ in the Spring.”

Friday, Nov. 2, 2018

The Sterling College Symphonic Band and Percussion Ensemble as well as the SC Jazz Band performed their annual fall concert this past Thursday Evening at Sterling United Presbyterian Church.

Professor Larry Brownlee ‘80 directed the band through seven musical works. The concert’s opening piece was “Seat Beat” by Daniel Bukvich.

Hunter Hathaway, a Sterling College Freshman enjoyed the beginning of the concert.

“Using the chairs as drums was awesome. It’s something I’ve never seen before,” he said.

Brownlee Photo3

The other songs performed by the concert band were “Rhythm of the Winds” by Frank Erickson, “Shenandoah” by Frank Ticheli, “On An American Spiritual” by David Holsinger, and “A Bridge to Somewhere” by Jon Phelps.

Molly Sunberg, Bari Sax player and Junior at Sterling College enjoyed the performance.

“I think the concert went really well. We were all very excited for this concert, and it was the best we have played the songs. I am really looking forward to our Christmas concert in December.” She said.

Wesley Lowrey, a Senior at Sterling enjoyed the concert.

“My favorite segment was watching my fiancé, Brianna Chastain perform in the jazz band.”

Brownlee Photo

The SC Jazz Band performed two pieces. These songs were “Emblem of Unity” by J.J. Richards, and “Rites of Tamburo” by Robert W. Smith.

Kassidy Brandt, a Sterling Sophomore was impressed with the band’s diverse works.

“I really liked the drum line, and I liked the jazz pieces. It [attending] was a great way I could support my roommate.” Brandt said.


Brownlee Photo2

Professor Brownlee is a recent addition to the Sterling College Music Department, and Thursday’s concert was his first concert as the Director for the Symphonic Band.

Adam Moore, Percussionist and Sophomore at Sterling is excited for the future of the band with Brownlee in charge.

“I’m really excited with the direction Professor Brownlee is taking this band, and I think that the future of SC band will shine bright with him at its helm.” Moore said.

The Sterling College Symphonic Band will perform at its Christmas Concert on December 2 at 3 P.M. at Sterling United Presbyterian Church.

Friday, Oct. 26, 2018

On Thursday night, T@SC (Theatre at Sterling College) and CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosted their annual Halloween Bash in Wilson Hall. The event featured a haunted house, dancing, cotton candy, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, along with Sterling’s annual costume contest.


The haunted house winded through Lower Wilson Hall and was filled with Sterling College actors dressed in horror makeup and clothes covered in fake blood. Strobe lights flashed as the actors jumped out to scare students on the way to Upper Wilson, where the Halloween Bash took place.


Kimberly Loya-Enriquez is a freshman double majoring in theatre and music. In the haunted house, she played the role of La Llorona, a character from a Latin American urban legend.

“I’ve never participated in any Halloween events before,” she said, “It was a lot of fun.”

The event began with food, apple bobbing, and dancing to Halloween-themed music. When enough students arrived, they danced the “Cupid Shuffle”.


The next portion was devoted to the pumpkin-carving contest. Three pumpkins were carved, and the judges decided the winner was a pumpkin vomiting out its insides.


The final parts of the night were devoted to dancing and the costume contest. Winners were picked in the areas of “Best Guy Costume”, “Best Girl Costume”, “Best Couples Costume”, and “Best Group Costume”.

Seth Rogers won “Best Guy Costume” for his Doctor Who attire.

Kristen Diaz won “Best Girl Costume” for her Mary Poppins outfit.

Chloe Heard and Shelby Stowe won “Best Couples Costume” for their “Sinking Titanic” Costume.

The “Best Group Costume” went to a group dressed-up as the cast of “Riverdale”.


The night winded down with more dancing and camaraderie until 11 P.M.

Lexi Jarvis, a freshman Musical Theatre Major helped with the haunted house in Lower Wilson Hall.

“I enjoyed the event,” Jarvis said, “We were with a lot of fun people, and no one got hurt or fainted in the haunted house.”


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T@SC is hosting a murder mystery event later this semester. The date is to be announced at a later time.

CAB’s next event, the “Lip Sync Battle” will be held on November 1 from 8-10 P.M.

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018

On Friday, October 12th at 9 P.M., The SC For King and Country Ambassadors held an event to celebrate the release of a popular Christian band’s latest album.

For King and Country is the two-time Grammy winning Christian Duo composed of Joel and Luke Smallbone, the brothers of the notable singer and author, Rebecca St. James. Their new album, “Burn the Ships” was released on Friday, October 5th.

Jase Brandt, a sophomore at Sterling, volunteered to be For King and Country’s ambassador at Sterling College based on the impact their music and movie have made on his life.

“I’ve liked For King and Country for a long time. They helped shine a light into my life, maybe I can help them shine into other people’s,” he said.

This event was hosted by Brandt along with a team of students, and together, they hosted an event unlike any other. Instead of going through a club or student organization, the team worked closely with SGA (the Student Government Association) and CAB (the Campus Activities Board) to obtain supplies as well as access to Cornerstone.


“It’s not an on-campus club, it’s kind of a ‘here-and-gone’ type of thing. Student Life approved of it, because it is a Christian band, and a Christian movie. It was kinda cool to see everything come together,” Brandt said.

The event went from 9 P.M. until 12 A.M. and included an album listening party, where students gathered around to enjoy food and camaraderie as the album played through the soundsystem in Cornerstone.

This was followed by a showing of “Priceless”, a movie inspired by For King and Country’s hit song from their 2014 album, “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.”

The movie portrays a truck driver who discovers that he is involved in a sex-trafficking operation and who finds his redemption by saving sexual abuse survivors and survivors of trafficking.


The event gained the attention of many students, and several were in attendance to enjoy nachos and fellowship while listening to the influential band.

“It was very unique, and I would like to be part of something like this again,” Brandt said.

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018

Photo by Jesse Sheppard

The “Art of Theatre” Exhibition opened Friday and will run until Nov. 2 in the Art and Media Center.

It features costumes from many Sterling productions, including last year’s “Once Upon a Mattress,” “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” and “Romeo and Juliet”. It also showcases costumes from “The Servant of Two Masters,” as well as many past productions throughout Sterling College’s history.

Ardynn Brooks, sophomore art education major, is a costume designer and the costume shop foreperson. Brooks has designed and constructed costumes that are featured throughout the display.

“I have a few featured works, [they] feature primarily in a ‘then and now’ section, comparing our modern Shakespeare, to the classical Shakespeare pieces,” she said.

Photo by Jesse Sheppard

Brooks said she was excited about the exhibition.

“It is a little unnerving because that means people get the chance to be up close and personal with things that I made that are not perfect, but from the audience, you think they look better than they really do,” Brooks said. “I think it’s a cool opportunity to get up close and personal and see what it really looks like up close.”

Brooks shared this is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to witness the costumes from ages past.

“Some of them have not seen the light of day in many years,” she said.

Sasha Hildebrand — a 2003 alumnus who serves as director, choreographer and costume designer for Sterling College Theatre — discussed her time in the theatre as a student at Sterling.

Photo by Jesse Sheppard

“One of the main aspects of being involved in the shows is that you were not only expected to perform on stage, but you were also expected to work out somewhere technically, behind the stage,” she said.

Hildebrand said designing costumes as a student enabled her to become a creative and a leader.

“That’s where I fell in love with the idea of costuming and how that relates to theater and storytelling and character development. At Sterling, we had such an opportunity to work with a plethora of costumes, but also a director and a designer who let us spread our wings artistically.”

This opportunity led Hildebrand to discover her interest in costuming.

“I loved finding the connection between storytelling and what the character and the actor actually wore,” she said.

Hildebrand was able to design this exhibition to share the legacy of Sterling Theatre with alumni and students.

“Thinking about the show, we wanted to celebrate the history and construction of things that have been specifically made for shows here in Sterling, or have been reconstructed for various shows at Sterling,” she said.

The exhibition focuses on not only the history of Sterling Theatre, but also the design of each piece.

“We wanted to celebrate the theatricality of some of the clothes that we’ve produced throughout history here,” Hildebrand said. “We chose really bright and colorful things, ornate things, and things that represent the class and genre we typical have at Sterling.”

To see the exhibition, visit the Art and Media Center Gallery now until Nov. 2.

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Saturday the Sterling College Warriors football team played at the Charles J. Berkel Memorial Stadium at the University of Saint Mary’s Spires annual homecoming game.

The Warriors led for the entirety of the game and came out victorious, 44-12.

This marks the sixth time the Warrior football team has won against the Spires since 2013, and it is also the second road victory and third win overall for Sterling this season.

The Warriors shined during the first half of the game, with four touchdowns and a field goal, ending the first half with a 31 point lead over the Spires.

The Warriors ended the third quarter with 41 points and giving up a touchdown to the Spires. During the fourth quarter, the Spires scored their second touchdown. Both point-after attempts were unsuccessful for the Spires.

Hunter Hathaway, Sterling’s freshman nose tackle, is looking forward to the upcoming homecoming game against Ottawa University at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 6 in Smisor Stadium.

“This sets us up nicely for our game against Ottawa,” he said. “The defensive line did especially well tonight. Their (St. Mary’s) main advantage was their run game. Our defensive line shut that down.”

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018

On Tuesday the Potato Potato Club (pronounced Potayto Potahto) hosted its first event of the 2018-19 school year.

“Capture the Potato” began with an array of potato-based snacks and ended with students running across the field under the lights of Cooper Hall.

The club met to play two rounds of a potato themed version of “capture the flag.” The first round ended with a student sprinting to retrieve a potato from the limb of a tree in front of McCreery. The second round ended after another student had snuck their way to the other side of the field and rushed back while the opposing team was distracted.

This club is new on campus and was formed with the help of senior Chloe Heard and a group of her close friends who all love potatoes. Heard is a psychology major and club president.

The club believes wholeheartedly that the students’ passions for foods unites the campus.

“I think tonight, at our event, we saw that they [potatoes] do indeed bring people together,” said Shelby Stowe, club treasurer and senior mathematics major.

Another food-based club on campus, The Donut Club, has seen much success, and this friendly rivalry fuels the passion of the Potato club.

“Healthy rivalry can be good, but we are doing our own thing completely separately,” Stowe said.

Heard is excited to see new members join in on all the fun events they have planned. The staff members even have unique names for the club participants, and also for those that do not participate.

“Everyone that came tonight is known as our ‘Spud Buds,’ and if you are not a part of the Potato Club, you are a ‘Tater Hater’,” Heard said.

Members of the Potato Club believe their first event went well.

“Our first event was a ‘mashing success,’” Heard said. “It was full of friendships, laughs, and potatoes.”

Stowe agreed.

“We had a variety of people come out, and people got to know each other. Everyone had a ton of fun,” she said.

The Potato Club would like to invite all Sterling College students to join in on the fun.

“Potato Potato Club is open for everyone, and we love Sterling College. We are ready to serve Sterling College in the best way,” Heard said.

The next event for the Potato Potato Club is the “Potato Feast” in November. Another event for this year is the “Potato Prom” in the spring.

You can follow the Potato Club on Instagram: @scpotatopotato

Monday, Sept. 24, 2018

Sterling College’s new Vice President of Student Life, Jason Briar attended Sterling College and graduated in 1999 where he received his Bachelor of Science in K-12 Physical Education.

Briar later earned a Master’s in Health, Physical Education and Recreation from Emporia State University. He recently worked as the Fairfield USD 310 Middle School and High School Principal in Langdon.

He is married to his wife, Darci, and they recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. They have two sons and a daughter. Their oldest son, Lucas is attending SC as a freshman this year. For fun, he likes to travel with his family, fish, and golf. He also enjoys going to sporting events and concerts and is excited to be involved with the activities Sterling has to offer.

Briar shared how his career as Vice President of Student Life at Sterling allows him to come back to his home.

“[Sterling] felt like home to me, where I can invest himself into the community,” He said, “I take pride in being a warrior, and I want us to get bigger and better.”

He sees Sterling as his opportunity to minister, and desires to help transform Sterling into the top-school of the Midwest. He enjoys watching the students grow academically and spiritually and appreciates the openness of communication with students that Sterling provides.

Briar noted that while there are many similarities between being a principal and being the VP of Student Life, that this job allows an open channel of communications with students. He is able to be involved and join in on the community not only as a leader, but as a fan and a warrior. He also appreciates that Sterling allows him to focus on one job.

With the help of his staff of Resident Directors and Resident Assistants, he can look after students to the best of his abilities. By focusing on each student’s safety, comfort, engagement and entertainment, Briar can be involved on campus interpersonally. His staff helps him to notice the student needs on campus and works to provide students with the resources they need for a strong life in the Sterling Community.

Briar shared how his relationships here fueled his desire to work at Sterling. Having served as Sterling’s Assistant Coach for Men’s Basketball from 2000-2006, Briar knew many of the Sterling Faculty members and realized that he wanted to work alongside such influential leaders.

He said, “I knew it was a great spot for me, not only to make an impact, but to be impacted.”

Briar enjoys working with the Student Life Staff. He knows that their involvement keeps him going strong and he is blessed to have a full staff.

“Tess Cannon [the Administrative Assistant for Student Life] is a rock star. This team holds it all together,” he said, “They’re phenomenal leaders. When you have great RDs, they know how to get great RAs, and that all trickles down to form a positive and well-sustained campus.”

Some things he enjoys about the SC community are that he can work and communicate with the entire town.

He said that “The community and the town have to work together. It’s a small town. You can say that we don’t have the ‘bright lights’, but the students on this campus are the bright lights. If they get to know the community members, they’re going to come and support the activities, because they’re going to want to know you on the stage and the field.”

He also loves that the community interacts with the students. Whether it’s with Warrior Fest, Homecoming, host families, churches, or at schools where Briar said, “the football team [can be seen] high-fiving the kids on their first day of grade school,” the whole community can be involved.

Lastly, Briar shared that he is excited to watch the campus and its students grow and develop. His passion is for the college to expand in number and further thrive in beauty as well.

He also wants Sterling to know that he is a competitor. He loves to win, and he is excited to watch as Sports, Debate and Forensics teams, Theatre, Choir and all campus activities each have their respective “wins” this year.