Monday, Oct. 1, 2018

Photo by Kaitlynn Little

The Sterling College junior varsity volleyball team hosted Barclay College Tuesday and won 3-1. This was their second time playing and winning against Barclay, and their third win of the season. 

“At the beginning of the game, we weren’t playing at our full potential. We won the first two sets, then lost the third one, which made our team get really competitive,” freshman Alexis Carmichael said. “We fought back during the 4th game, and at the end our confidence grew and we were able to win the game.”  

Photo by Kaitlynn Little

Junior Madaline Carr also felt proud of her team and thankful for how their examples keep her positive and keep her striving throughout the game. After the game, she was able to see areas they could improve upon.  

“I think that Barclay provided us with a good challenge,” she said. “I think my team blocked well, and we made a lot of great hustle plays to come out on top. But, I would like to see my team work on communicating better and continuing to be brave in tough circumstances.”  

Junior varsity coach Tamara Heitschmidt was proud her team didn’t let the third match defeat them and how they were able to comeback in the final match. She said she felt the game showed evidence of what they’d been working on in practice.  

“Our middle hitters are doing a better job of being an option on every play. Getting them in the air early and trusting the setters to get them the ball. We are working on increasing the trust all the way around,” Heitschmidt said. “I feel like we saw a bit more of that tonight against Barclay. Whatever  role that  was given to them, they each put their signature on it.”

The varsity volleyball team hosted St. Mary’s University following the junior varsity game Tuesday and lost 3-0. This was not their first loss, but they have won nine games so far.  

“I am disappointed on how our team confronted University of St. Mary because I know our team could have beat them,” senior Alexandra Reid said. “Sterling fought at some points during the game but experienced a lot of pressure. We were not playing confidently and were scared to make mistakes. After each set, we all came together on what we needed to work on and how to play better in each set. We tried to remain as positive as possible as the game did not go our way. To be honest, this was a horrible game so it is hard for me to respond about it.”

Though the game was a tough loss for them, varsity coach John Harding noticed the women’s competitiveness and improvements.  

“I was a little disappointed in how we started the match, but I was pleased with our resiliency and the way we kept fighting to the end. Throughout the game, they made some good adjustments and continued to improve on some of the things we have been working on in practice the past few weeks. We have been working on running a faster offense and finishing games well. We showed some improvement in both areas tonight,” Harding said.  

Harding also mentioned that there was a unique moment that was important for their team during the game. 

“One moment that stands out is in the third set of the match when we asked our team to attack a defensive player on St. Mary’s Team that was struggling on defense,” he said. “They executed the plan very well, and it helped us catch up and take the lead for a while.”

Despite the score, both coaches felt that their teams improved during, and because of, these games. Both of them feel that a game and the season is more than wins and losses.  

“This team is filled with amazing girls, and they all bring different strengths,” Heitschmidt said. “They have fun with each other while playing and they do a good job of remembering how lucky and blessed they are to be able to be a college athlete.”

By JASE BRANDT, reporter
Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Photo by Jase Brandt

The Sterling College Warriors men’s soccer team hosted the Tabor College Bluejays Wednesday and won 3-0.

Head coach Nic Martinez had positive things to say about the team and their win.

“I feel like we played pretty well,” he said. “It’s probably one of the games where we actually played as a team and everything, which is a good time to do it since we’re going into conference and everything. I just feel like now going into the rest of the conference I feel comfortable now.”

Photo by Jase Brandt

The Warriors made a point early on in the first half of the game and held it until the end of the second half by earning two more points.

Sterling College sophomore midfielder Muhamad Alubaidi thinks they played well and wants to improve upon their success.

“We kept pressing down on the gas pedal and goin’,” he said. “I feel like that’s the mentality you should have goin’ into every game. Move the ball around, keep our heads, and keep our composure, and finish ‘em off in the second half instead of letting down. It’s hard but always keep your head up and be positive with your teammates.”

On Saturday, the Sterling College Warriors lost to the Oklahoma Wesleyan University Eagles 4-0 in Bartlesville, Okla.

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Saturday the Sterling College Warriors football team played at the Charles J. Berkel Memorial Stadium at the University of Saint Mary’s Spires annual homecoming game.

The Warriors led for the entirety of the game and came out victorious, 44-12.

This marks the sixth time the Warrior football team has won against the Spires since 2013, and it is also the second road victory and third win overall for Sterling this season.

The Warriors shined during the first half of the game, with four touchdowns and a field goal, ending the first half with a 31 point lead over the Spires.

The Warriors ended the third quarter with 41 points and giving up a touchdown to the Spires. During the fourth quarter, the Spires scored their second touchdown. Both point-after attempts were unsuccessful for the Spires.

Hunter Hathaway, Sterling’s freshman nose tackle, is looking forward to the upcoming homecoming game against Ottawa University at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 6 in Smisor Stadium.

“This sets us up nicely for our game against Ottawa,” he said. “The defensive line did especially well tonight. Their (St. Mary’s) main advantage was their run game. Our defensive line shut that down.”

By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018

Tennis had been missing from Sterling College for some years until it was recently brought back to life by head coach Lonnie Isaac in 2017.

Before coming to Sterling, Isaac had been the head tennis coach at Bethel College for the men’s and women’s programs for about 10 years.

For college, tennis programs have a set fall and spring season. September of each fall is filled with multiple tournaments for both the men’s and women’s teams. They then have a break period until they regroup before Christmas break to start conditioning. This also happens in February when the spring semester starts up.

“Since coach lives in town now, we’re actually going to do some weight lifting and everything,” Caissa Smith said.

Smith is a sophomore on the women’s team this year.

“I only played at the twenty-second through twenty-fourth tournament because I’m injured. Well not anymore. I had knee surgery,” she said.

Smith tore her meniscus. In surgery she learned it was torn in two places.

“I did good for my first tournament back. I only practiced a week,” Smith said.

For practices the program would divide into a women’s group and a men’s group and run individual drills.

“At the end we either did something fun or conditioning. We would play a game or we’d run lines,” Smith said.

This would be their weekly routine as they practiced five days a week.

Coaches will continue to recruit for both men’s and women’s during this break as they prepare for their upcoming season in the spring.

Monday, Sept. 24, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Anita Barnhart

Sterling College Men’s and Women’s Cross Country team raced across North Newton’s flat landscape Saturday morning to cap off their second meet of the season.  

The Muthama-Rogers Invitational meet began at 9 a.m. and proved to be a race that cultivated their competitive spirit and rewarded their training.   

“We have made a ton of progress the last two weeks in between meets,” head coach Jack Dillard said. “I was very thankful to see them get out and compete and be aggressive even though we trained through the week and they were racing on tired legs. They have responded well to the challenges and today they showed they are willing to step up and do what they need to improve.”

Senior Abby Reed thought the team competed well overall because they entered the race focused.  

“I think everyone’s goal at this point is just to compete and have a positive attitude about it, more so than having a goal of a particular time,” she said. “I noticed that everyone was more excited at this meet. At our home meet, there was a lot more nerves. But everyone, even up to the starting line, was just a lot more positive and at ease.”  

The younger runners on the team are setting goals for themselves and celebrating evidence of progress with each other.   

“Having a good two weeks of training and seeing good results is always memorable. Cross Country is such a mentally and physically challenging sport, so when I push myself to new levels that I never thought I would reach makes it so worth it. I think there is always room to improve and for me I just want to improve mentally,” said Sydney. 

“This meet was memorable because of the new course experience for all of us and I’m still learning the ropes of college sports,” freshmen Robyn Selzer said. “I’m looking forward to improving with every step I take, including times and places and just gaining more friendships.”   

Sophomore Gavin Lierz is looking forward to having the full team back and being able to run together since there have been some injuries and ineligibilities, which has been tough on the team.  

“But, even with people down we need to run for God, them, and ourselves. I run cross country because I enjoy running, and being able to run is a gift from God that allows me to realize that, with the right state of mind, anything is possible. No matter the distance,” he said.  

The runners have thoughtfully reflected on the race and are already planning how they will improve for the next meet.  

“As a team, I want us to improve on racing each other but as encouragement not as competition. I’m looking forward to competing with my team and watching everyone succeed,” Sydney said.

Coach Dillard has high expectations for the team because he knows they are capable of great things.   

“We are a very young team, and with that means a lot of inexperience,” he said. “We are taking each day to find out who we are as a team, pushing our aerobic shape, stressing our mental toughness, preparing ourselves to be the best November us we can be. Racing at this point for us is just gaining experience. We are working hard through race weeks with a long term goal of being exactly where we want to be and who we want to be at the KCAC championships.”

For a list of results, visit 

Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Fall colors blurred behind crowds of red and blue at Warrior Fest Saturday, as local businesses, churches, and college athletes gathered on both sides of downtown Broadway Street to give and receive information about their programs. 

The festival lasted from 9:30 a.m. until noon, as families and students visited the athletic and business booths. Leather jewelry, pumpkins, print Warrior T-shirts, crochet hats, home baked goods, carved wood décor, and meals were being sold. 

The purpose of Warrior Fest is to give the college students an opportunity to get familiar with the downtown area and for the community members to greet the college athletes they’ll be supporting. 

“I enjoy seeing students in a different environment and getting excited about the fall athletics. It’s essential for a small town to connect with its college. They rely on each other. Neither would be the same without each other” said Mark Tremaine, assistant professor of criminal justice.  

The Sterling College football team and cross-country team signed photos, the soccer teams sold scarves, the golf teams directed a chipping game, the volleyball team offered serving for prizes, and the women’s basketball team hosted a BBQ sandwich sale. While the men’s basketball team played basketball with kids, the softball team did face painting, the baseball team led a kid’s pitching practice, and the cheerleaders performed stunts and cheers.  

“I enjoy seeing the town all come together. To interact with the community our team sells scarves, kicks the ball around with the kids, or we’ll juggle the balls. From my freshmen year to now, it’s really evolved and gotten bigger and bigger each year. It’s cool to see how they change it each year,” senior soccer player Haley Garcia said.  

The Chamber of Commerce sponsors the festival each September and welcomes people of all ages to participate in the morning’s activities.   

Wendy Calderwood, who graduated from Sterling College in 1989, said Warrior Fest was an exciting experience.  

“Today was my first time coming to Warrior Fest. I enjoy all the energy. Everyone is just excited about Sterling,” she said. “The community of Sterling does a great job of supporting the college and the college does a great job of supporting the community. So far I’ve participated in bingo, a bean bag toss, and now I’m going to get some barbecue from the basketball team. I will come back next year.”  

Warrior Fest finished with women’s and men’s soccer games at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. This was followed by a football game against Kansas Wesleyan at 6 p.m. For a full list of this year’s athletic events, visit

By Darren Porche   Sterling, KS — April 28, 2018, 1:26 P.M.

The Outstanding First-Year Student Award is an award presented to a first-year student who has been praised by nearly all of his or her professors, professors who have not taught him or her, as well as coaching staff and the administration. It goes to someone who, in their eyes, has been the most outstanding freshman and the one who has been working hard to be the best they can be. The award doesn’t come with scholarships attached to it; it’s an award that one freshman wins every year to honor their work.

This year the Outstanding First-Year Student award was presented to Beaux Biggers during Convocation, Friday, April 20. Beaux is a football player on a football scholarship from Enid, Oklahoma, out of Chisholm High School. I caught up with Beaux and he had a lot to say on how much he appreciated getting this award and on his reaction upon receiving the award.

“I was little surprised to be receiving the award,” Beaux said, “I thought I was going to be getting some participation or attendance award that some high school student would get, the athletic award for participating or something like that, but I got something that’s kind of prestigious in a way.”

Beaux was told that he got the award because a collective group of professors, some of his own and some that hadn’t taught him, had nothing but good things to say about him. Apparently, he left his mark on them all, and he also had some of his coaches say that he was a great student-athlete; as well as give him some handshakes and hugs as he accepted the award before walking to receive his award.

It’s not just his teachers and coaches who think of Beaux as someone who is worthy of this award. His peers and friends have said he’s hardworking and deserving of this award. His roommate Zack Bromlow said, “he’s always doing work, doing something good, and he’s always having a good time.” Beaux has left a lasting impression on his peers as someone who’s going to keep working and work even harder until he’s successful.

Beaux said that he won’t let this moment and this award get to his head. He currently as a 3.68 GPA and told me that he will try his best to continue on this path and assured me that there will be good things to come.


By: Hannah Abbate  Sterling, KS — April 24, 2018 7:54 p.m.

Senior day is probably one of the most emotional and important game days of the year. It is the one day to both celebrate and begin to say goodbye to the seniors whom the underclassmen have gotten to know so well. Last year, five graduates left the Sterling softball family. This year, the program must prepare to say goodbye to nine young ladies: Tiana Bonde, Allison Montion, Byanka Diosdado, Jenna Weimer, Dominique Salgado, Chica Bati, Danae Delgado, Alyssa Landeros, and Cassandra Estrada.

“I knew this moment was coming,” said Estrada, “and it has actually come a lot quicker than expected. I went into this year with a different mindset. Instead of worrying about playing time and stressing over stats, I chose to enjoy myself and leave everything I had out on the field each and every day, so that at the end of the season, I could hold my head high with no regrets. I know I will miss the sport, but I devoted more than half of my life to it and I am ready to enter into the next chapter of life that God has for me.”

Lady Warrior softball seniors. Photo by: Hannah Abbate

The Warriors faced off against York College Monday afternoon at 3 and 5 p.m. Game one started off strong for both teams. However, the Lady Warriors were unable to push any runs across the plate, resulting in a 0-4 loss to the Panthers. In between games began all of the senior day festivities. It was truly a bittersweet moment for all of the girls. Every player that was escorted by their families onto the field was met with a tight hug from every one of their teammates. “I am grateful for the underclassmen that look up for me,” Bonde said. “Knowing that I am a role model for my teammates pushes me to be my best and do my best every day. I am so thankful that they have supported me through all my injuries and rehab, I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”

“I am extremely grateful and thankful for Sterling,” said Landeros. “I don’t know how I ended up in a one-stoplight town in the middle of USA, but I am so blessed to have been able to call it my second home for the last four years.”

In addition to the senior day celebration, the Sterling softball team put on a home run derby the Friday before as a fundraiser for York’s head softball coach Roni Miller, who recently discovered she has cancer. The Sterling program presented Coach Miller with a gift basket at home plate along with a signed card to show that they will be supporting her. Head softball coach Alyssa James said that “it was important to me [that the team show support] because Coach Miller is a good friend of mine and I want her to know that we have her back and will help her in any way that she needs. The conference as a whole has committed to having Roni’s back to help raise money for her family so she can beat this.”

Resuming play, the Warriors came out strong and quickly took the lead from the Panthers. Some amazing plays were made both on defense and offense to allow Sterling to take game two with an 8-2 victory. There is one varsity game left in the season. Sterling will travel to play Friends University this Thursday at 12 and 2 p.m. “It’s tough to realize that after Thursday,” said Weimer, “I will no longer have meaningful softball games to look forward to and attend in which I am actually a player and not a coach or umpire. Up until now, even when I’m not playing, I’ve always been able to think, “yes, watching stinks, but just wait until your season starts or until your next game day.” I truly look forward to every practice, workout, and game, and that’s just not reality anymore.”

Photo by: Hannah Abbate

“It’s a little scary knowing that a piece of me is leaving the game,” said Montion. “Softball,” she continued, “is something I’ve known my whole life and now that it’s over, it’s something I never thought would happen.”

Landeros had similiar sentiments. “I think I’m still in shock at the fact that the sport I’ve been playing since I was five has really come to an end,” she said.” I like to consider this page in my book half-turned because I’m not sure if I can turn the page on this sport just yet.”

“Playing softball at Sterling College has made me grow as a person. It has really allowed me to work on my teaching skills because I’ve been injured so often. It has made me love the game more than I did when I came here and I am thankful for that,” said Bonde.

As these upperclassmen say goodbye to those younger than them, Landeros said that she “hope[s] you seize the day. I hope you seize every opportunity that is given to you. You are here in this moment, in this location, with these friends for a reason and a purpose. Every one of you brings a unique talent and personality to the team and I cannot wait to watch you all pursue your careers, grow as athletes and continue to be the amazing human beings you are. I love you all. If I have one advice to give you, it is to laugh always, love boldly, take risks and remember tomorrow is never guaranteed so make today the best day yet.”

“I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else,” said Diosdado. “Sterling College has put me through trials I never thought I could overcome and also brought amazing and lifelong friends into my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I thank Sterling College for that.”

Estrada also was thankful to the school for her time here. “I am more than thankful to have attended Sterling College for the past four years. Sterling, Kansas will forever hold a special place in my heart. Here, I have made unforgettable memories, built friendships that will last a lifetime, and was blessed enough to meet my future husband.”

Seniors Tiana Bonde and Alyssa Landeros. Photo by: Hannah Abbate

Coach James said that “I would tell [the seniors] that they have done a great job of leading this year. They have set us up for success in the future with their hard work, dedication and heart.” Bright things are in store for these graduating seniors who must now pass down the torch for the next group to hold. They may be apart, but this group will forever be Team45.

By: Briseyda Ponce  Sterling, KS — April 24, 2018 7:29 P.M.
2017 saw the return of the Sterling tennis team for both women and men. It has been
over 20 years since Sterling last had a tennis program. The team consists of seven women and six men. This year, the woman had a chance to further advance with the season. Unfortunately, the women’s team fell short.
The point of decision was against Kansas Wesleyan on April 16. The Sterling women’s
tennis team were down 1-2 when finished with doubles. In singles, the number one string, freshman Janae Ryan, won. This made the team 2-2. As the matches furthered, the women fell short finishing with an overall loss of 4-5.
Coach Lonnie Isaac was “proud” of how far the first year women’s team looked. They had a chance to qualify, which is a big step for a team full of freshmen and new coaching staff. The women’s captains, Ryan and freshman Keeley Hipp, have nothing but gratitude for Coach Lonnie and how he pushed the team. Ryan and Hipp played first string doubles. They previously played with each other in high school and even went as far as being Kansas State Champions. They both found the experience “unique” and are hoping to “ improve and make conference next year.”
Coach Isaac also stated after the loss to Kansas Wesleyan that “the women’s team exceeded…expectations for being so successful with this first-year program.” Hipp and Ryan believe the team has a lot of improving to do to continue to put a fight, but nothing is impossible with a bit of positivity.