Monday, Sept. 24, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Anita Barnhart

Sterling College Men’s and Women’s Cross Country team raced across North Newton’s flat landscape Saturday morning to cap off their second meet of the season.  

The Muthama-Rogers Invitational meet began at 9 a.m. and proved to be a race that cultivated their competitive spirit and rewarded their training.   

“We have made a ton of progress the last two weeks in between meets,” head coach Jack Dillard said. “I was very thankful to see them get out and compete and be aggressive even though we trained through the week and they were racing on tired legs. They have responded well to the challenges and today they showed they are willing to step up and do what they need to improve.”

Senior Abby Reed thought the team competed well overall because they entered the race focused.  

“I think everyone’s goal at this point is just to compete and have a positive attitude about it, more so than having a goal of a particular time,” she said. “I noticed that everyone was more excited at this meet. At our home meet, there was a lot more nerves. But everyone, even up to the starting line, was just a lot more positive and at ease.”  

The younger runners on the team are setting goals for themselves and celebrating evidence of progress with each other.   

“Having a good two weeks of training and seeing good results is always memorable. Cross Country is such a mentally and physically challenging sport, so when I push myself to new levels that I never thought I would reach makes it so worth it. I think there is always room to improve and for me I just want to improve mentally,” said Sydney. 

“This meet was memorable because of the new course experience for all of us and I’m still learning the ropes of college sports,” freshmen Robyn Selzer said. “I’m looking forward to improving with every step I take, including times and places and just gaining more friendships.”   

Sophomore Gavin Lierz is looking forward to having the full team back and being able to run together since there have been some injuries and ineligibilities, which has been tough on the team.  

“But, even with people down we need to run for God, them, and ourselves. I run cross country because I enjoy running, and being able to run is a gift from God that allows me to realize that, with the right state of mind, anything is possible. No matter the distance,” he said.  

The runners have thoughtfully reflected on the race and are already planning how they will improve for the next meet.  

“As a team, I want us to improve on racing each other but as encouragement not as competition. I’m looking forward to competing with my team and watching everyone succeed,” Sydney said.

Coach Dillard has high expectations for the team because he knows they are capable of great things.   

“We are a very young team, and with that means a lot of inexperience,” he said. “We are taking each day to find out who we are as a team, pushing our aerobic shape, stressing our mental toughness, preparing ourselves to be the best November us we can be. Racing at this point for us is just gaining experience. We are working hard through race weeks with a long term goal of being exactly where we want to be and who we want to be at the KCAC championships.”

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Story by Anna Adamyk  Photos by Rachel Adamyk  McPherson, KS — Updated Nov 5, 2017, 12:09 P.M.

Payden Shapland, sophomore, and Lacey Buckwalter, senior


The Sterling College men’s and women’s cross country team headed to McPherson, Kansas to compete in the KCAC Cross Country Championship at Rolling Acres Golf Course. “The running conditions were about as ideal as they could have been for a cross country race,” commented Lacey Buckwalter, senior.

The men raced their eight-kilometer race at 10:15 a.m. on Saturday morning. Going into the KCAC Championship race, the men consistently earned middle placement at invitationals throughout the season.

With the fourth year defending champions, University of St. Mary, Sterling men faced a challenge. Rolando Phalen, junior, came in first for Sterling in thirteenth place with a time of 27:13.1, averaging a 5:28 mile. His time earned him a spot in the NAIA nationals, held in Vancouver, Washington on November 18.

Rolando Phalen, junior

“The team is what kept me going when things got hard.” Rolando explained, “We take the track team with us and they made signs to cheer us on and those were a huge help knowing that even in their offseason, they were cheering for us.”

The next Sterling runner, Aaron Pinkerton, senior, came in at 28:20.3 and placed thirty-seventh out of 108 runners, followed by Sterling’s Zach Williams, junior, in forty-first place with a time of 28:38.8. The Sterling men’s cross country team came in seventh place with a total score of 192 points and a time of 2:25:37.

The women’s race began at 11:15 a.m. The women’s team went into the race with a similar record as the men. The women had a rocky start to their season, placing in the lower spots in the first few races, but came back after several meets and consistently placed in the middle of their competitors.

University of St. Mary provided a challenge for the Sterling women as well and Lacey Buckwalter, senior, crossed the line in twenty-sixth place with a time of 21:20.6. About 10 seconds later, Payden Shapland, sophomore, crossed the finish line at 21:31.9 taking twenty-eighth place out of 94 runners. Later, Lora Bebermeyer, senior, finished in thirty-first place with a time of 21:36.9. The women’s cross country team came in fifth place with a total of 139 points and a time of 1:48:16.

Lora Bebermeyer, senior

“I have to remember that I’m not going out there to prove myself to anyone,” Lora Bebermeyer explained, “whether that be to my team, coach, or spectators… what I am about to do is to run in such a way that brings glory to God.”

During the award ceremony, Lacey Buckwalter and Aaron Pinkerton both received the Champion of Character award for the Sterling College team. “The NAIA has a Champions of Character core value checklist that includes: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership,” explained Lacey, “It is an honor to be chosen as a recipient of this award.”

Aaron Pinkerton, senior

Aaron Pinkerton shared his thoughts on the team, “I love running and getting to do it with a group of guys that also love running.” He also spoke of his feelings on the last cross country race of the year, “I’m not sure how to describe the mixture of feelings. It’s definitely a mixture that has yet to really settle. A certain level of sadness for leaving something so special, and gratitude for my time doing this.”


Photos by: Elissa Freemire

By: Cathryn Cavazos

This weekend saw a large number of Warrior Athletes traveling around the state to work hard and show off their Sterling pride.

On Saturday the 23rd, football traveled to Salina to take on Kansas Wesleyan University. The game ended with a win for the Warriors, 26-23.

The first quarter of the game ended with a score of 0-0, but the Warriors took on the challenge and made a comeback. Freshman Lavery Shepherd scored a touchdown to lead the Warriors 7-0, with Freshman Eric Demps blocking Kansas Wesleyan’s punt and giving Sterling a safety to make the score 9-0 at the end of the second quarter. 

In the third quarter, sophomore quarterback Eric Butler connected with senior Richard Newell to score another touchdown resulting in a 23-0 lead. While Kansas Wesleyan tried making a comeback by returning the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown , it wasn’t to be, as senior Michael Winstead knocked down the 29-yard field goal resulting in the final Warrior win. Sophomore, Aaron Chisolm, led the game in rushing with 49 yards, Butler led in passing with 203 yards, and Darryl Terrell led in receiving with 108 yards.

Saturday also took the cross country team to the Tabor College Blue Jays invite at Marion Reservoir. The men’s team finished third out of seven teams with a time of 2:29:58 with an average time of 29:59.88, while the women’s team finished second out of seven with a time of 1:46:25.11 with an average time of 21:17.02. Senior Lacey Buckwalter placed ninth overall in the women’s 5K run category with a time of 20:45.26, while the men’s 8K event saw junior Rolando Phalen place sixth overall with a time of 28:24.22.

On the same day, the Lady Warrior volleyball team faced two different rivals. First up was Bethel College in Newton, Kansas, where the Warriors got to celebrate a victory with a 3-0 final score. The first set, Sterling led Bethel early on after a kill by freshman Patti Delgadillo with a score of 9-8. At the end of the first set, the Warriors won with a score of 25-19.


During the second set, Bethel gained speed with a score of 6-1. The Lady Warriors made a comeback, however, using an ace from junior Mikaela Wells and kills from Delgadillo and junior Chelsey Riffel. The second set ended with a score of 25-19.

The third set started with Bethel leading again, but Riffel, along with senior Lena Wedel and junior Makenzie Cork, led with the kills and fought hard, ending with a score of 30-28.

The volleyball girls then headed to Wichita to take on Friends University. The Falcons led the first set with a score of 25-19. The Warriors came back in the second set, ending with a score of 25-22, using an ace from sophomore Madeline Carr and back-to-back kills from Cork and Delgadillo. The third set went on strong, with a tie of 17-17 in the middle of the set but ending with a score of 25-20.

However, Friends took the lead early in the fourth set and finished with a score of 25-20. The Falcons would also be victorious in the fifth set, despite strong kills by Cork, Riffel, and Wells. The final score was 17-15. Cork led the group in kills with 14, while Wells gained the highest blocking score with three. Junior Alexandra Reid led in digs with 18, while freshman Eryn Beardmen led in aces with three.

Finally, men’s and women’s soccer headed to Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to take on the Evangels. However, Mid-America managed to overtake both Warrior teams, giving the men’s soccer team a final score of 7-0.

After a quick 2-0 lead for Mid-America Christian in the first half, despite strong shots from several team members, halftime recorded a 4-0 score with Evangels in the lead. In the second half, Sterling had shots by senior Adriano Marquez and freshman Sergio Lumez-Patino, but Mid-America kept up strong defense and managed to score three more times against Sterling.  Sophomore Joel Chavez led with six saves.

In women’s soccer, despite strong shots from senior Olivia Cozzoni, freshman Brianna Dorsey, and junior Alejandra Menez, the offense struggled to find their groove and Sterling was dealt a loss in a score of 6-0. Sophomore Hannah French led with five saves.



By: Anna Adamyk

On Saturday morning, the Sterling College men’s and women’s cross country teams raced against five other KCAC schools, and Barclay County Community College, in the Warrior Fest Invitational held at the Sterling Country Club.

The morning started early with the men’s race at nine. The seventy-degree weather provided ideal running conditions for the men’s five mile race through the golf course.

Rolando Phalen
Fourth place finisher, Rolando Phalen (JR) Photo Credit: Lydia Brooks

Sterling College’s Rolando Phalen, a junior transfer student took fourth place at 27:44.30 time, averaging a 5:32 minute mile.  Being new, Rolando explained how he is trying to get to know some other runners but explained that it can be difficult, “it’s a completely new conference for me [with] new runners. I just got to know a few of the conference guys, so now I can know who I’m racing against.”

The women began their three point one mile race at 9:45 a.m. The weather warmed up some from the men’s race and the wind picked up significantly causing the women a little extra strain, “the backstretch was pretty windy, running straight into it.”

Payden Shapland
Second place runner, Payden Shapland (sophomore), closes in on the finish line. Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

In the women’s race, Shapland (sophomore), came in second place with a time of 20:01.30, averaging a 6:26 minute mile. Followed directly by Evelyn Barnhart (freshman), who took third place and Lacey Buckwalter (senior), who took fourth. Payden spoke of how the crowd affected her running, “The people cheering were awesome. They were lined up on both sides and [they] were just really supportive. It was awesome!”

A large crowd showed up with signs in hand to cheer on the Warriors at the Sterling Country Club. Photo Credit: Lydia Brooks

The women’s team won first place in the Warrior Fest Invitational with a total of 24 points, nearly half as many points as Tabor College, who came in second place. The Warrior men’s team came in second place, with just 18 points more than McPherson College.This was the Warrior Cross Country team’s second meet of the season and first home meet. Their next race will be in two weeks, on September 23

This was the Warrior Cross Country team’s second meet of the season and first home meet. Their next race will be in two weeks, on September 23rd. It will at the Tabor College Blue Jays Invitational at Marion Reservoir.