Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Saturday the Sterling College Warriors football team played at the Charles J. Berkel Memorial Stadium at the University of Saint Mary’s Spires annual homecoming game.

The Warriors led for the entirety of the game and came out victorious, 44-12.

This marks the sixth time the Warrior football team has won against the Spires since 2013, and it is also the second road victory and third win overall for Sterling this season.

The Warriors shined during the first half of the game, with four touchdowns and a field goal, ending the first half with a 31 point lead over the Spires.

The Warriors ended the third quarter with 41 points and giving up a touchdown to the Spires. During the fourth quarter, the Spires scored their second touchdown. Both point-after attempts were unsuccessful for the Spires.

Hunter Hathaway, Sterling’s freshman nose tackle, is looking forward to the upcoming homecoming game against Ottawa University at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 6 in Smisor Stadium.

“This sets us up nicely for our game against Ottawa,” he said. “The defensive line did especially well tonight. Their (St. Mary’s) main advantage was their run game. Our defensive line shut that down.”

By Darren Porche   Sterling, KS — April 28, 2018, 1:26 P.M.

The Outstanding First-Year Student Award is an award presented to a first-year student who has been praised by nearly all of his or her professors, professors who have not taught him or her, as well as coaching staff and the administration. It goes to someone who, in their eyes, has been the most outstanding freshman and the one who has been working hard to be the best they can be. The award doesn’t come with scholarships attached to it; it’s an award that one freshman wins every year to honor their work.

This year the Outstanding First-Year Student award was presented to Beaux Biggers during Convocation, Friday, April 20. Beaux is a football player on a football scholarship from Enid, Oklahoma, out of Chisholm High School. I caught up with Beaux and he had a lot to say on how much he appreciated getting this award and on his reaction upon receiving the award.

“I was little surprised to be receiving the award,” Beaux said, “I thought I was going to be getting some participation or attendance award that some high school student would get, the athletic award for participating or something like that, but I got something that’s kind of prestigious in a way.”

Beaux was told that he got the award because a collective group of professors, some of his own and some that hadn’t taught him, had nothing but good things to say about him. Apparently, he left his mark on them all, and he also had some of his coaches say that he was a great student-athlete; as well as give him some handshakes and hugs as he accepted the award before walking to receive his award.

It’s not just his teachers and coaches who think of Beaux as someone who is worthy of this award. His peers and friends have said he’s hardworking and deserving of this award. His roommate Zack Bromlow said, “he’s always doing work, doing something good, and he’s always having a good time.” Beaux has left a lasting impression on his peers as someone who’s going to keep working and work even harder until he’s successful.

Beaux said that he won’t let this moment and this award get to his head. He currently as a 3.68 GPA and told me that he will try his best to continue on this path and assured me that there will be good things to come.


By: Keshawn McMahon  Sterling, KS — April 19, 2018 11:23 P.M. 

Sterling College football fans eagerly await their football team’s spring football game each year to get a first look at what they hope will be a successful group in the regular season. While spring games only tell half the story because it is an exhibition game between members of the same team going head to head, it does give you a feel for the culture of the program and an early eye on some transfers and progress made by returners. Spring games also give some of the players who are in lower positions on the depth chart a fair chance to play and prove themselves. During spring ball, coaches are looking to see who’s improved through strength and conditioning programs and who has the proper mental to play at an elevated level next year.

Friday was a windy 35-degree spring day in Sterling, but that didn’t stop fans from making their way to Smisor Stadium for the game. In some strong, but limited, action, the offense and defense impressed on Friday night. The offense held their own against an active, play making, and aggressive defense. There was plenty of positive takeaways, especially considering everyone is safe from injury.

Head coach Chase Hansen said that “we came into spring ball with several priorities. Number one was to get through all 15 practices healthy.” For many college football programs, making it through the spring as healthy as possible is top priority. The improvements made and the depth that’s being built could all be wiped away with an injury or two. A healthy spring for college football teams is a successful spring.

“The spring is an opportunity for our program and team to grow as a family and football team. I do feel like it’s a tune up game, and it’s nice to put on pads and hit each other after the off-season lifting and running, but spring ball is also a great evaluation period for the coaches it gives them an idea who will play next year,” said sophomore quarterback Eric Butler.

“We have had multiple guys stand out for us over the course of spring ball practices, not just the spring game,” Hansen added. “The most impressive thing that we have seen from a defensive standpoint is the ability to make plays on the ball in the air and the energy that they have played with.  Offensively, I have been very happy with the growth of our quarterbacks.”

“We are asking players to have the ‘best summer of their lives’ in the weight room and on the field so that they come back as fast and as strong as they have ever been,” Hansen said. The team resumes full preseason action in July.

By Keyshawn McMahon and Hannah Abbate  Sterling, KS — March 1, 2018, 1:57 P.M.

The offseason leaves a team with multiple agendas, for the Sterling College football team the offseason process involves mental growth as well as physical and athletic growth. Amongst many other forms of training and preparation, this year the team opted to partake in a program wide book study where all the coaches and players are involved. The name of the book is, “Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most” by Craig Groeschel, published in 2013.

Coach Gabe Eliserio had used the book in a men’s small group before, and he is the one who suggested that the entire team should read the book. The team is mandated to read one section per week, and the book has five sections. Each section also includes a 20-30-minute video that the team watches together and then they break off into smaller groups to discuss what they have read/seen. Coach Chase Hansen explained,

We were looking for something to provoke questions and discussions concerning our ideas and thoughts on what a man is, and I thought using the stories of Samson from the Bible would be a very relatable character for us. We were able to purchase a copy of the book for every one of our players so that they could keep the book after we were done with it.


Book studies for sports teams are an underrated source of team building. Many teams from grade school level all the way up to the collegiate and professional level take part in book studies.

Book studies give teams the opportunity to create personal connections, team chemistry and enhance social relations.

This is the first book study for this group of team members at Sterling College. This is completely new for Coach Hansen, but Hansen is hopeful that this book study can be the start of a lifetime brotherhood between their football family. Coach Hansen said,

 I have not personally been involved with a book study with a football team however, Coach Eliserio had been. We talk a lot about how being a part of the football program here at SC is ‘More Than Football.’  Of course, we want to win football games but teaching and showing our team how to be a great husbands, fathers, teammates, and providers is far more important in the big scheme of things. Our goal is that this book will open our guys up to self-reflection and will put us in situations that may not be comfortable. But, we can use that time to grow as men and as a team.


From an athlete’s point of view, Nick McGrew, a junior from California, said the book “helps me to open my eyes to see what God can do for you.”

“The stuff we talk about,” McGrew continued, “it really opens your eyes to see where your teammates come from… what they’re used to and how they grew up and were raised and their values. At first, I was like, OK it’s just a book I’ll skim because they tell me to, but it’s actually pretty interesting. Some of the stuff makes you think a lot about how you should change your own life to better yourself for God.”

“Not being selfish,” has stood out from the book to McGrew. He stated that it was about “learning how to control your desires, learning how to lean on God and focus your energy on God.”

With the season seven months away, the reigning KCAC champions are hoping this book study will help prepare the guys for more success on the field and long-term success.


By: Anna Adamyk and Cathryn Cavazos  Sterling, KS —Nov. 30, 2017 11:50 P.M.

After officially announcing his resignation from the head football coach position, Coach Chuck Lambert has passed the torch onto Coach Chase Hansen. After coaching football at Bethel College for four years, he came to Sterling College where he has coached for six years, most recently as the offensive coordinator. Hansen is ready to take on the leadership position in the sport that “he can’t live without.”

“Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian,” Hansen said about his childhood. “I went to school for pre-vet at Bethel, but as my career was ending I realized I couldn’t imagine my life without football.”

Hansen felt ready to take on the head position after getting positive influence from men like Lambert.

“I’ve been blessed with great coaching and great men who mentor me and take me under their wing and teaches me how things should be done,” but not only that, “the relationships with the players…I think we have a special thing here” with recruited players coming from “across the nation.”

‘With the diverse group of players we have, it’s been really fun.”

Hansen hopes that for next season they can build off the “momentum” they had this year and that they can start making “going to the conference championships a regular thing” Another goal that they have is starting to host and play in playoff games.

“The goal is to take the next step, and that can mean different things for different people,” Hansen said. Whatever the next step is, the top goal is “keeping momentum” for the future.


FB vs MC (380)
Photo by: Elissa Freemire

By: Keyshawn McMahon

Football – vs. (3) Morningside College / L-7-63

The No. 16 Sterling College Warriors traveled to Sioux City, Iowa on Saturday to take on the No. 3 Morningside College Mustangs for the first round of the 2017 NAIA Football Championship Series. After a 7-7 opening quarter, Morningside got into a zone that couldn’t be slowed down, ultimately keeping the Warriors from creating any momentum. Sterling loss 63-7

Early on in the game the Warriors got offense from Eric Butler, sophomore, with completions to Raphael Williams, junior, and Greer Chandler, junior, that would move the Warriors down the field, as Sterling looked to answer the Mustangs early on.

Eric Butler would find Darryl Terrell, sophomore down the field for a 36-yard reception, putting the Warriors in the red zone on first and goal. Aaron Chisolm, sophomore, finished off the nine-play drive with a 1-yard rushing score to even the game at 7-7 in the first quarter. The Mustangs kept firing on all cylinders in their next drive, using two passes down the field to add another quick score, to make it 14-7 in the closing minutes of the first quarter. The Warriors looked to answer late in the quarter, but the Mustangs would force Sterling to punt. Following the punt neither team would be able to add scores in the final minutes, the Mustangs led the Warriors, 14-7 heading into the second quarter.

In the second quarter, Morningside had started to create separation from the Warriors. The Warriors would get tackles and big defensive plays from Kenya Edner, senior, Swain Williams, senior, Nicholas McGrew, junior, and Adam Douglas, junior, throughout the Morningside offensive drives, but the Mustangs wouldn’t be contained. The Mustangs would add three scores to their total in the second quarter to take a 35-7 lead. Offensively, Sterling struggled against the aggressive Morningside defense, only picking up three first downs in the quarter on strong rushes from Chisolm and key receptions by Terrell. Morningside led 35-7 heading into the break.

With the second half underway, Morningside continued the attack on both side of the balls, adding to their lead throughout the remainder of the game. Morningside would add three scores in the third quarter to take a 56-7 lead. Sterling would continue to show fight and toughness, getting stops throughout the fourth quarter; while on offense getting strong play from Daniel Doriscar, freshman, and Eric Haynes, junior, in comeback efforts. However, the Mustangs were the better team Saturday and that showed from early on going on to defeat the Warriors in the First Round of the NAIA Football Championship Series, 63-7.

Butler finished the game with 146 passing yards, going 12 for 31 in the game, while Chisolm led the Warriors with 60 rushing yards and a touchdown. Terrell led the receiving game with six receptions for 81 yards, followed by Chandler and Williams each with two catches for 34 and 10 yards respectively.

Defensively, McGrew led the Warriors with nine tackles, while Edner finished with 7.5 tackles and a pass break up. Dezmond Howard, senior, and Maurice Rucker, sophomore, each had a forced fumble, while Braden Scheulen, freshman, earned a blocked kick in the game.

Sterling ends the season 9-3 overall with a KCAC record of 8-1, earning their second KCAC Championship in school history. The Warriors finished off an excellent year by reaching the NAIA Football Championship Series for the second straight season, only the third time in program history.

Women’s Basketball – vs. Southwestern College / W 72-70

On Saturday, the Lady Warriors traveled to Winfield, Kan. to battle against the Lady Builders of Southwestern College. In a game that was decided in the final seconds of the game, both teams gave everything they had every possession of the game; however it was Sterling who would prevail victorious at the end of regulation 72-70.

Women's Basketball
Photo by: Jacob Macek

The Lady Warriors were down a key player in Kilee Harris, senior, who would have been able to impact the game in many ways. In a game that went down to the wire, the other team leaders of the Lady Warriors shouldered the load for the team. With the exception of one starter, every other member of the starting five had to play close to 40 minutes for the Lady Warriors to pull this one out. The teams battled all night with big time runs and lead changes throughout the game—there was a feeling it would come down to the final seconds.

With the game on the line late in the second half with the scored tied at 68 Jordin Greer, senior, knocked down a pull up jumper to put the Lady Warriors up by two. However, Southwestern would answer with a basket on the other end on the following possession to tie it at 70. With the game on the line Kylah Comley, freshman, had the ball in her hands as time winded down after killing time to ensure Sterling would have the last shot. She drove to the basket hard and finished strong at the rim for the game winning basket.

Comley had a huge night pouring in 33 points while dishing out 6 assists. Senior leaders Jordin Greer and Jessica Princ also came in huge for the lady Warriors scoring 25 and 14 points respectively. Jordin Greer led the team in steals with five takeaways and Alexis Theus, freshman, led the team in the rebounding category pulling in 6.

Following this match-up, the Lady Warriors are now 3-2 on the season. Their next matchup will be against the Lady Spires of Saint Mary at home on Nov. 21 at 6 p.m.

Men’s Basketball – vs. (13) Southwestern College / L 77-97

On Saturday, the Warriors wheeled up to Winfield, Kan. to take on the Southwestern College Builders in a conference matchup. The Warriors gave great effort in this matchup, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Builders. The Builders led for the rest of the game since the 13:50 mark of the first half, and they never took their foot off the pedal winning big 77-97 over the Warriors.

The Warriors came out challenging the Builders with six lead changes in the opening minutes of the game, but the Builders would demonstrate poise in their attack early on, getting the shot they wanted time and time again. Once the Builders got hot, there wasn’t much the Warriors could do to slow them down.

The Warriors were led by Isaac Ostrosky, freshman, who scored a season high of 27 points. Trey Dubbert, junior, scored 16 points off the bench for the Warriors and Jamiah Windom-Haynes, freshman, and Kody Crosby, freshman, chipped in with 11 and 13 points respectively.

The Warriors move to 2-5 on the season, their next matchup is against the University of Saint Mary Spires on Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m.


FB vs MC (378).JPG
Photo by: John Smith  |  Defensive backs celebrate winning KCAC Championship on Saturday. The Warriors defeated the Blue Jays on the strength of 4 interceptions by SC defensive backs.

By Keyshawn McMahon

Football – vs McPherson College  W-50-34

In their final regular season game, the No. 16 Sterling College Warriors traveled to McPherson to take on the Bulldogs, in a game that was a battle for the entire 60 minutes. After being tied at the half, Sterling pulled away in the second half to beat the McPherson College Bulldogs 50-34 to become the 2017 KCAC Champions.

Sophomore Eric Butler finished with 324 passing yards, going 25 for 39 with a touchdown, adding five carries for 29 yards and a touchdown for Sterling. Sophomore Aaron Chisolm had a career game, leading the Warriors with 208 rushing yards on 21 carries, scoring four touchdowns for the Warriors. Sophomore Darryl Terrell added 117 receiving yards on 11 receptions and a touchdown, while junior Jordan Dye finished with four receptions for 81 yards and a touchdown. The Warriors racked up a total of 573 yards of total offense on the day for the game.

Defensively, senior Swain Williams led Sterling with eight tackles and three pass break ups, while freshman Braden Scheulen added six tackles, including two for a loss. Sophomore Maurice Rucker finished with four tackles and two pass breaks ups, while seniors Kenya Edner, Dezmond Howard, and Dezmon Walker each forced a fumble in the victory.  Senior Michael Winstead also connected on all six of his extra point attempts for the Warriors.

Sterling finishes the regular season 9-2 overall and with a KCAC record of 8-1 to earn the 2017 KCAC Championship, the second in school history. Sterling will battle against Morningside College in Soiux City, Iowa next Saturday in the first round of the NAIA College Football Championship Series.

Women’s Basketball – W vs Briar Cliff University  78-75/ L vs Central Methodist University 59-75

Opening day of the Warrior Classic, the Lady Warriors took on the Briar Cliff University Broncos. The game was closely contested all the way to the buzzer.

In the first half, neither team was able to get much separation. However, in the third quarter the Lady Warriors used a 29-point quarter to give them the largest lead of the game by 13 points.  The Lady Broncos used a big fourth quarter to try to pull in close, but it wasn’t enough. The Lady Warriors would prevail win this one narrowly 78-75. The Lady Warriors used a balanced scoring effort to pace them finishing with 4 players in double digits.

Freshman Kylah Comley and senior Jordin Greer scored 19 points respectively and senior Kilee Harris and freshman Alexis Theus chipped in with 15 and 12 points.

On Saturday, the Lady Warriors squared off against the Lady Eagles of Central Methodist University. The Lady Warriors battled hard in this game, but it came down the making shots and getting defensive stops. A huge fourth quarter run by the Lady Eagles where they scored 26 points put this game out of reach. The Lady Warriors were defeated 59-75.

The Lady Warriors shot 0-11 from the three-point line and 38% from the field, as opposed to the Lady Eagles who shot 11-25 from three point range and 44% percent from the field. Senior Jessica Princ led the scoring efforts for Sterling with 20 points. While Harris tallied a double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds. The Lady Warriors are now 1-2 on the season, their next matchup is a home game Wednesday facing off against the Ottawa University Braves.

 Men’s Basketball- L vs Concordia University  79-75/ L vs Hastings College  70-86

On Friday evening the Warriors faced off with the Bulldogs of Concordia University. The Warriors were defeated 79-75.

The matchup was an edgy contest based on runs. The Warriors struggled offensively early on and found themselves in a big hole down 22-8. But they stormed back, going on a 17-3 run in the final 12 minutes of the half to tie the game at 25-25.

In the second half, the Bulldogs would pull away again going up by as much as 21 points. But the Warriors went on another charge to pull within four in the final six minutes but it wasn’t enough. Junior Tim Hendrixson led the Warriors in scoring with 15 points off the bench.

Saturday, the Warriors battled the Broncos of Hastings College. The Broncos simply executed better, defended better and outworked the Warriors on the boards. The Warriors loss this one 70-86 in result.

This contest was lopsided from all but the first ten minutes. Both teams started the game slow with a bit of sloppy play. However, the Broncos would start hitting shots and create separation from the Warriors. The Warriors couldn’t keep the Broncos off the boards as the Broncos outrebounded the Warriors by 17 rebounds. Freshman Jamiah Windom Haynes led all Warrior scorers with 20 points while also garnering 5 rebounds. The Warriors are now 2-3, their next matchup is Wednesday at home against the Ottawa University Braves.

Volleyball – L vs Saint Mary 3-0, (25-18, 25-21, 25-17)

Sterling finished up the KCAC tournament against Saint Mary. The Lady Warriors and Spires battled it out, but Saint Mary would finish with the victory, defeating Sterling 3-0. (25-18, 25-21, 25-17) Chelsey Riffel (Jr. Sterling, KS) would finish with 13 kills for Sterling, followed by nine kills from Makenzie Cork (Sr. Safford, Ariz). Mikaela Wells (Jr. Haven, Kansas) finished with 27 assists, while Alexandra Reid (Jr. Pheonix, Ariz) added 15 kills for the Lady Warriors.

Sterling finished the season 15-18 overall with a KCAC record of 10-12, finishing seventh in the conference.


Story by: Kevin Baatrup   Sterling, KS — Posted Nov 11, 2017, 4:55 P.M.

Two weeks ago, on October 28, Sterling College honored their senior football players with senior day. Senior football player, Michael Winstead, had a surprise in store for everyone there, especially his girlfriend, Cassandra Estrada. Watch the news story to get an inside look into the proposal.


Photos by: Elissa Freemire

By Keyshawn McMahon

Nov. 4 – Football vs University of St. Mary – W 39-20

Saturday, the Warriors faced off against the Spires of The University of St. Mary. The Warriors came into this game on a two game winning streak and on a mission to beat the Spires in Leavenworth.

The Warriors led the entire game Saturday. The Warriors started the game with 26 unanswered points for a 26-0 lead at the end of the first half. In the second half it was more of the same.

Highlighted by stingy defense and efficient offense, the Warriors cruised to a 39-20 victory. Sophomore quarterback Eric Butler turned in a huge game for the Warriors with four touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns and two passing touchdowns. Sophomore Darryl Terrell represented the Warriors with two touchdowns of his own Saturday as well.

The Warriors spoiled Senior Day for the Spires, and they look to have more of the same success against the McPherson College Bulldogs in McPherson on Nov. 11 at 1:00 p.m.

Nov. 4 – Volleyball vs University of St. Mary – L-9-25, 21-25, 20-25

The Lady Warriors traveled to Leavenworth, Kan. on Saturday to matchup with the Spires. The last matchup with the Spires the Lady Warriors won 3-0, but this time it was the complete opposite.

The first set was one sided—the Lady Warriors didn’t have an answer for the Spires losing 9-25. In the second set, the Lady Warriors showed a lot of energy and fight, but it wasn’t enough to win the set as they fell 21-25.

Lastly, in the third set, which would be the final set, the Spires controlled the set to finish the set 20-25. This was the last regular season game for the Lady Warriors as they prepare for the KCAC tournament.

Nov. 4 – Men’s JV Basketball vs Northwest All Stars – W 93-81 / Nov. 3 – Men’s JV Basketball vs Colby College – L 79-97

The JV Men’s basketball team traveled to Colby, Kan. for the Colby invitational tournament for the weekend. They split each game for a 1-1 record for the weekend.

In the first game, they matched up against Colby College. The game was capped by runs, the Warriors led the game by 10 points after the first half 57-47, but they couldn’t close the game as the Trojans charged back to win the game 97-79. Freshman Cameron Bluitt scored 22 to lead all scorers for the Warriors and freshman Sean Nordberg pitched in with 16.

In the second game, the Warriors squared off with the Northwest All-Stars. Except for a small exception of the game where the Warriors trailed, they cruised easily to a 93-81 win. Warriors scoring leaders were again Freshman Cameron Bluitt and Freshman Sean Nordberg with 17 and 15 respectively.

The next JV game will be at Barton County Community College on Wed., Nov. 8. at 7:30 p.m. The next varsity game will be the Warrior Classic at home against Concordia University on Friday, Nov. 10 at 8:00 p.m.

Nov. 3 – Women’s Basketball vs 6 College of the Ozarks – L 72-92

The Lady Warriors traveled to Point Lookout, MO.  to face the Lady Bobcats of The College of Ozarks. The game was closely contested and competitive for most of this outing.

The first quarter ended 19-18 in favor of the Lady Bobcats. The Lady Bobcats extended their lead in the second and third quarters behind big 30 and 26 point quarters. The Lady Warriors were never able to overcome the early deficit and they ended up losing this one 92-72.

One major difference in this matchup was the ball control—the Lady Warriors had 24 turnovers in contrast to only six assists. The Lady Warriors had a balanced effort scoring wise, having four of their five starters in double figures. However, they struggled to get much contribution from their bench.

Freshman Kylah Comley scored 22 and grabbed 7 rebounds for the Lady Warriors and Senior Jordin Greer scored 17 points on 7 for 10 shooting.

Their next game will be the Warrior Classic hosted here at home against Briar Cliff University at 7:00 p.m.

Nov. 3 – Men’s Basketball vs University of Missouri-Kansas City – L 58-110

The Warriors traveled to Kansas City, MO on Friday to battle with the University of Missouri- Kansas City Roos in an exhibition game. From the start of the game, it was all UMKC.

The Warriors never seemed to adjust to the strength the Roos played with in this game. UMKC seemed bigger and faster all throughout the night and it showed with the Roos 51 rebounds and 36 free throw attempts.

The Warriors did some good things in this game defensively and rebounding wise, but it wasn’t enough in this blowout win for UMKC. The Warriors were led in scoring by junior Trey Dubbert with 12 points.

The Warriors will have a chance to make up for this loss quickly as they prepare for action against the Doane Tigers in Crete, Neb. on Monday at 6:00 p.m.