REPORTER, Hannah Abbate

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018


The soccer seasons for both the men’s and women’s team here at Sterling College have officially wrapped up. Both teams started their seasons in late August, ending at the end of October.

Men’s soccer finished with a record of 4-11-2 over the course of the season. They had four wins, 11 losses, and two games that ended in a tie.

They started their season off with a tie after double overtime to Doane University. From there the Warriors collected one loss at home and two more on the road against Nebraska Wesleyan University and Bellevue University.

After their game against Randall University was cancelled, the Warriors had a huge win over Manhattan Christian College. They won the game against the Thunder 10-0. The Warriors scored four goals in the first half and another six in the second.

Men’s soccer then lost their next game on the road against Ottawa University. But rallied back to take the win over both University of St. Mary and Tabor College. Both of these wins were shutouts against their opponents.

After losing to Oklahoma Wesleyan University and a win against Bethel College, the Warriors lost the next five games in their season. One of these was a nail-biter against Availa University. This game went into overtime tied 1-1. Unfortunately, the Warriors were unable to come out on top, losing 2-1.

Their next match against Southwestern College went into double overtime as the Warriors fought to end the 0-0 tie. The Warriors tried to steal the victory in the final seconds but time was not on their side. Neither team was able to score, ending the game in a 0-0 draw.

The men’s soccer team played their last game of the season at home against Kansas Wesleyan University. They fell behind in the first half 3-0. Despite working hard to score twice in the second half it wasn’t enough to put them ahead of the Coyotes. They lost the game 4-2.

Women’s soccer finished similarly to the men’s team. Their overall record for the season was 5-11-1. They had five wins, 11 losses, and one game ending in a tie.

The women’s team started their season off strong with a 3-2 win over Doane University at home.

The Lady Warriors then went on to win three of their next four played games. Their game against Randall University was cancelled.

The Warriors had a tough streak losing the next four games to opponents like Oklahoma Wesleyan University (7-0) and Ottawa University (3-0).

The women’s team rallied back to take a 3-2 victory over Bethel College. This made their record 5-5 overall.

The last weeks of the Warriors’ season came with six loses and one tie. Against Availa University, the Warriors finished the game in a 1-1 tie. And lost by only one goal to McPherson College in the previous game.

Both the men’s and women’s team will head into their offseason after their 2018 season.

REPORTER, Hannah Abbate

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018

The holidays are almost here! Thanksgiving break for students and staff at Sterling College starts next week. And the Caf is already getting student in the mood.

“It is not thanksgiving without mashed potatoes and green been casserole,” said Rachel Turner.

Wednesday was a treat for everyone as they served a Thanksgiving feast during lunch time. Whether you like ham or turkey, this is the season to be thankful with full bellies.

Turner preferers turkey over ham with her Thanksgiving dinner. “We’ve always made turkey, and I didn’t know ham was a thing until I got to college.”

“I like thanksgiving because it is the one time out of the year where all of my immediate family is under one roof and it really feels like home again,” Rosa James said.

“My favorite tradition is when I get to pray every year around the table,” James continued. “I’ve always done it since I was little so it makes me feel like when I was a kid just a little bit closer to God.”

“It’s my favorite holiday,” Turner said. “We are going to celebrate it without celebrating Christmas first.”

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” Turner said, “because every Thanksgiving me and my dad, I would always make him wake me up for the parade that started at like 7a.m. We would then make brunch for everyone.”

“We would make cinnamon rolls or biscuits and eggs,” said Turner. “And then me and my mom would spend the rest of the day making dinner why ABC Family/Freeform showed Gone with the Wind all day on loop and we watch that while we make food all day. After diner we would go out and make s’mores instead of eating pie.”

“The day after Thanksgiving,” Turner continued, “if we’re home, me and [my sister] Sam always set up the Christmas tree and set up all the decorations for Christmas time.”

“I’m not a black Friday person,” Turner said. “I think, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I feel like going black Friday shopping is a waste because you should be spending Thanksgiving other ways.”

Dorm halls will close for Thanksgiving break Tuesday at 5 p.m. and reopen Sunday morning. The Caf will also be closed started Tuesday after lunch and reopen Sunday night for dinner.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

By Hannah Abbate, reporter
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018

Deb Wiebe is the assistant to the Athletic Director at Sterling College. This is her 23rd year in the position. She started in August of 1995.

Before coming to her current position at Sterling College Wiebe worked for a manufacturing company and Sterling’s telephone office.

“I had heard that the lady who was in my position was leaving and I just kind of thought, that sounds like it would be interesting and fun to do,” Wiebe said. “So I called Coach Kruse, who was the Athletic Director at that time, and set up a meeting. And all the rest in history.”

“One of the things that I do for Athletic Training is, I do all of the athletic insurance,” Wiebe said. “So if a student athlete were to get hurt then I’m one of the ones that go through and explain the procedures of what the athlete needs to do. And I contact the facilities that they are going to, if they need surgery and so forth, and I talk through that with them.

Wiebe is also in charge of all concessions stands on campus as well as day-to-day stuff. Not only in the athletic department but things on campus too.

As with any chaotic situation, you deal with it the best you can. Wiebe said, “One of the most crucial things was when the Gleason center caught on fire.” This was about three years ago during a basketball game. “You could just see a haze. And people were looking around and wondering what this haze was,” she said. They ended up having to cancel the game and worked to get people out of the building. “that was probably one of the most stressful days,” Wiebe continued.

There was a lot of smoke damage to the back wall of the building. “We had some downspouts that were frozen,” Wiebe said, “so maintenance took a torch and was trying to melt the ice earlier in the day and it caught some insulation on fire.”

Repairs were done as quickly as possible and lasted a good month. “We had to hire people to come in and clean the whole gym and repaint,” she said.

“A fun thing that I’ve gotten to do, is I travel a lot with the women’s basketball team,” said Wiebe. “So I’ve gotten to go to Vegas with them, and I’ve gotten to go to Florida with them several times. That is a fun thing that I get to do.”

Wiebe also has the opportunity to interact with students daily. “Getting to know the student athletes and working with a great coaching staff truly makes for the best job,” she said. It is her favorite part of the job. And there are students in and out of her office daily. Some come in just to hang out and talk. The doors to her office in Gleason are always open. “I consider our department a family. We’re pretty close,” said Wiebe.

By JASE BRANDT, reporter
Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018

Basketball season is underway and Sterling College’s women’s junior varsity basketball team has been hard at work.

While junior varsity teams do not rank, the women’s junior varsity basketball team still plays competitively against other college teams.

“They’re very, very competitive,” Head Coach K.C. Bassett said. “They’ve played four really tough junior college teams and have improved a ton. It’s crazy.”

Coach Bassett believes in her team and is hopeful for their future together.

“I think it’s a really good group. I really think that they work hard every single day in practice,” Coach Bassett said. “There’s been much improvement we’ve made since we’ve started. One of our goals is to get better every day and they’re doing a really, really good job with that.”

The women’s junior varsity basketball team started conference on Saturday, Nov. 17 in a game against Tabor College. Sterling beat Tabor 68-63. The team’s next game will be a home game against Kansas Wesleyan University on Nov. 20.


Friday, Nov. 16, 2018

The Sterling College men’s and women’s cross country team finished their season competing at the KCAC Conference Championship race, Saturday, Nov. 3, at Bethel College. Both teams placed ninth overall, with their top runner, sophomore Jasmine Travelbee, placing thirtieth-–just ten spots away from qualifying for nationals.

The team faced some challenges this fall battling injuries and merging young runners into the program. The result of all their training was revealed at conference, and freshman Zach McCammon said that opportunity for a comeback was rewarding.

“I will always remember how well we pulled together and finished the season strong,” said McCammon.

The two teams had ran the Bethel course twice already this season, so senior Abby Reed said that helped them feel confident during the race.

“Going into the meet, the girls were projected to place eleventh, so we did do better than what was expected for us. I think it could have been considered a successful meet before the race even finished just because we had all 8 girls racing for the first time all season. Everyone competed really well and I think the majority of the team ran a personal best, which is always exciting,” Reed said.

 Though the runners entered the season with running goals and scholarships, the bonding aspect of the team is equally important, if not more important than the medals and qualifications.

 “This season brought us all closer to each other in friendship. We have been through thick and thin these past few months, and each circumstance has helped create a tight, lasting bond between us,” sophomore Evelyn Barnhart said.

 Head coach Jack Dillard was proud of his athletes, and looks forward to continued growth and development during track season.

 “Our student athletes competed with courage and strength. Both men’s and women’s teams ran very smart tactical races that helped everyone overall,” Dillard said.

 Senior Abby Reed looks forward to training and racing for track season with the team, and helping each other be the best athletes and people they can be.

 “I’m looking forward to track season because it gives everyone the opportunity to do their specialty. In cross country, every girl runs the same distance and every guy runs the same distance. So track allows for a little more individuality in what people get to do. And those on the team that don’t run cross country have been working hard all fall, so I’m looking forward to being able to cheer them on in their throwing and sprinting like they cheered us on all fall,” Reed said.

 At the end of each season, the coaches award a male and female athlete with a Giving Tree, to recognize their outstanding commitment to the team through their time, effort, and attitude on and off the course. This season’s award recipients were Abby Reed and Zach McCammon.

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018

The 2018 Volleyball season has concluded with Sterling ranked fifth in the KCAC (Kansas Collegiate Athletics Conference). The team won its championship game against York, but was unable to defeat the University of Saint Mary in the tournament quarterfinals. They finished the season with seventeen wins and fifteen losses overall.

With the season over, the volleyball seniors took a moment to reflect on their season. Kristen Calderwood, a senior majoring in biology and a defensive specialist for the volleyball team enjoyed her final season at Sterling.

“I think this season was the best one we’ve had while I’ve been at Sterling,” Calderwood said, “We had a couple tough games, but we ended up in the top half of the conference. It was definitely a season to remember.”

Calderwood said that the team has genuinely impacted her throughout her years at Sterling.

“They [Calderwood’s teammates] have challenged me to be more outgoing, taught me how to maturely handle conflict, demonstrated incredible work ethic, and shown me love and grace in action. I am a much better person because of them,” she said.

Alexandra Reid is a senior Exercise Science major and a defensive specialist for Sterling College Volleyball. She is the all-time career leader in digs at Sterling College with 1,749 career digs. She is ranked fifteenth in NAIA Division 1 for total digs with 700 digs in the 2018 season. Reid said that the 2018 season had been challenging but strong.

“We had a rough start, but we got better as the season went on. We always fought hard even when things didn’t go our way, and [we] finished fifth in conference,” Reid said, “Out of my four years, this was my favorite team because we all got along, which made our team have great chemistry.”

Caitlyn Wood is a senior Athletic Training Major and four-time team manager for Sterling Volleyball. Wood was impressed with how the team challenged each other to grow this year, noting that some women have improved immensely over the past year.

“She [Breanne Akiu] is only a sophomore but she has grown so much both as a player and a woman. Her skill level and confidence on the court has improved so much. She is good on the court both mentally and physically. I cannot wait to see the player she turns into,” Wood said.

Wood reflects on the year with hope for the promising talent she witnessed this season.

“We had a lot of new great talent that will be good in future seasons once it is pushed to grow. I hope to see people grow and pushed outside their boundaries,” she said, “I have faith in the coaching staff and the team.”


Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018

On Monday night, the Potato Club hosted a Thanksgiving Feast for the students of Sterling College in Heritage Hall. The event began at 7 P.M. and ran for over an hour.

The club served a traditional meal of mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, stuffing and macaroni, alongside pie and sparkling cider. The event also included time to fill out numerous “thank you” cards for Sterling faculty members.


Students gathered in the hall at seven, and quickly filled the room. Ashley Dodge, an SC senior and the club publicist was surprised by the large turnout.

“It went better than we expected,” Dodge said, “We were really excited when a lot of people came, and it was good to see their excitement within their fellowship together.”

The students sat with their food and enjoyed each other’s company as the event came to an end. The event concluded with a large selection of “thank you” cards for students to show their appreciation of the entire Sterling College staff.

Brett Couture, a Resident Director at Sterling enjoyed his time at the event, and he was glad to see the student’s appreciation and spirit.

“I enjoyed seeing everyone and signing the cards for all of the awesome people who work on this campus,” Couture said.

Shelby Stowe, Potato Club Treasurer and Sterling College Senior expressed that having “thank you” cards was a great choice for the atmosphere of the college.

“The cards are an element we chose to encourage students to think about others during this time of thanksgiving,” Stowe said.


Sterling Senior and Potato Club President Chloe Heard shared her appreciation for those who made the event possible.

“Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. I would like to thank Caitlin and Anthony Glaze for letting us use their space to make all of this food,” Heard said.

Heard also discussed the preliminary plans for their upcoming Spring semester event.

“Bring out your fancy dresses,” Heard said, “Our next event in the works is the ‘Potato Prom’ in the Spring.”

Monday, Nov. 12, 2018

College students and local families hurried out of the cold and into the Sterling United Methodist Church on Broadway St., Monday evening, to order warm drinks and snacks. The second floor of the church, called Connection Café, is set apart for balancing socializing and working on homework.

The café is meant to be a space for all who enter to experience the love and grace of Jesus. It is meant to be an inviting atmosphere where friendships can be strengthened and burdens can be shared.

The Connection Café was founded in memory of Jacob Oden. This café was his vision, though God called him home before he was able to see it become a reality. Jacob had named the café and came up with some of the new drink ideas. Memorial money was given in his honor to furnish the space for it. His heart for service is remembered through the existence and purpose of the café.  

 The café space was dedicated to the glory of God on October 19, 2016. Since then, many students have made it their space away from college.

“I come about roughly every week. I actually also work here and am one of the people who attended and helped out-right from the start. I really enjoy the community here and the mission to reach people during study time has always appealed to me. The Connection Café is a fun place away from campus, with cheap coffee, good company, and a place to work,” senior Brianna Chastain said.

Brianna and her friends sat behind their laptops circled around a coffee table, all focused on their screens yet taking moments to reach for their coffee mug and take a sip every now and then.

“I usually come every other week. The atmosphere is just extremely relaxing. I can come to the Connection Café for multiple reasons, whether it be completing a big assignment or catching up with friends,” junior Kaylyn Oberle said.

“One of my favorite memories during one of those friend nights, was when I decided to hide a few of their bookbags and laptops around the church. They found them within 30 minutes or so and then proceeded to steal my keys while I wasn’t looking, go move my car, and then wait for me to notice it when it was time to leave. All of that extended from a fun night of fellowship at the Connection Café. I really appreciate the awesome environment. Coffee is a great bonus as well!” Oberle said.

Students come to enjoy the space and the beverages, but students are also behind the counter working as baristas.

“Working here has been a very growing, new, and relaxing experience for me. I’ve worked in the coffee business for two years now and I love the environment that a coffee shop provides for customers. I love working here at Connection because I think it’s so special that this church is using coffee as a way to reach out to the community and provide inexpensive yet savory coffee for the community,” freshman Emma Kwasiborski said.

Besides food and doing homework, students also enjoy playing board games and table tennis there too. Their menu includes: lattes, hot chocolate, steamers, affogatos, pop, Gatorade, water, Capri Sun drink; and cookies, chips, candy, granola bars, popcorn, and pop tarts.

The Connection Café is located on 137 N. Broadway. They are open from 7-10 p.m. each Monday night. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jeff Darnauer at 620-474-1102 or at 


By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018

Saturday afternoon the Warriors drove to North Newton, Kan. for their final game of the season. Their opponent was Bethel College.


The Thrashers were (2-7) going into Saturday’s game, while the Warriors were (4-5).

The loss to Bethel was hard,” said Nathan Jackson, a freshman tight end. “Being the last game of the season, we wanted to go out on a win but we came up short.”

The Warriors scored first at the start of the game. The first quarter was otherwise scoreless as Sterling led 7-0.

The second quarter was the highest scoring quarter of the game. The two teams battled. Sterling put up 20 points while Bethel gained 14.

Going into halftime the Warriors led 27-14.


During the third quarter, the Thrashers held the Warriors scoreless. They score a touchdown of their own and turned a two-point conversion after the touchdown to make it 27-22 Sterling.

In the fourth quarter the Thrashers stayed strong and consistent, scoring another 14 points. The Warriors battled back by scoring 7 points of their own, but it wouldn’t be enough to put them over Bethel. The Thrashers won 36-34.

“I think the offense as a whole did really well; we scored 34 points,” Jackson said. “The defense this year is pretty young and they are still learning and growing as athletes. I think the whole team can improve with the mental part of the game, which is doing the right assignment at the right time.”

With a final record of (4-6) for the Warriors, their season comes to an end.

“We have a lot to learn from this season, said Jackson. “I think that this offseason will go really well for us and we will come back next season ready to fight.”